A New Guided by Grief Video Series: While We're Getting Ready

While We're Getting Ready

A New Guided by Grief Video Series

Hosted by Lisa Bovee  

Sometimes...who am I kidding? ALL. OF. THE. TIME... while I'm getting ready to do something, go somewhere, or just start my day, a million thoughts (that could be helpful to YOU!) bounce through my head. 

Then, another thought: How about I share these things, while I'm getting ready? 

During episodes of While We're Getting Ready, I'll talk openly and honestly about: love, loss and support; compassion, encouragement, grief and anger; travels, struggles, sadness and stressors; depression, tattoos, antics, and anecdotes. 

I'll see you next time, while we're getting ready.

Lisa! xo

Founder of Guided by Grief

Lisa Bovee