PART 2: What Prince Harry and I Have in Common

Also known as: The day I Lost my sHiT

I had been feeling a bit “blue,” as I’d normally call it.

I’ve always been thankful I’ve never struggled with anxiety, depression, or the like.

I simply thought, “I’m feeling blue today. A bit down. I’m having a ‘sad Conner day.’”

Well, one day of staying in bed “because I was sad” turned into two days,

turned into three,


I could barely pull myself up.

Me to me:

“Take a walk; you’ll feel better.”

“It’s nearly 2; you should get out of bed.”


Not wanting to reveal my “sadness,” (to anyone) I pulled it together enough to do some things around the house or run an errand or two, but truth be told, all I could think about was getting back into bed.

Even so, I pulled it together enough to also take a previously planned trip to London.


“London, thou art the ‘flower’ of Cities all.”

London was sunny, but that didn’t matter.

London was bustling, but that didn’t matter.

Neither flowers nor sun would lift my spirits.

Having had three babies “au naturale,” you must understand I have...





I was sullen.

Overwhelmed by emotions.

One emotion, really: sadness.

The tears UncOnTRollaBly trickled from my eyes.


“Where I lost my shit.”

I was not myself and was smartly and rightly pressed for answers (by my partner).

Three simple words.

One question: “What’s going on?”

The dam burst.

The days of “sadness” REVEALED.

Revealed: the heaviness of my heart.

Revealed: the spinning of my head.

Revealed: the lack of energy, lack of motivation.

Revealed: the fear.

At his encouragement and my willingness to admit I needed help, I spent the next morning solely focused on finding a psychiatrist who, not only seemed an appropriate fit for me, my symptoms and circumstances, but one who could also fit me into their schedule on very short notice.

And as it happens so often, when you allow it, The Universe delivers what you need. *I JUST realized this happened on 10/10/2018, which is World Mental Health Day. Hmmmm....

And now, my friends, I will tell you what Prince Harry and I have in common:

Delayed Grief Reaction.

I have been diagnosed with and am being treated for Delayed Grief Reaction (and insomnia).

Prince Harry has been wonderfully open about his two-decades-long struggle with anger and depression (and his diagnosis of Delayed Grief Reaction) stemming from the loss of his beautiful mother when he was only 12.

Prince Harry continues to encourage people to open up and seek help.

He is a role model for me and a beacon of light for us all.

Aaaahhhh London.

If you are struggling and need help, PLEASE:



Reach out for and get help.

Taking care of your mental health is yet another act of honor.


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